These four courses prepare you to use the CLIFF Suite of Tools

  • Course 1: Core Concepts

    Learn key definitions and develop foundational knowledge of benefits cliffs and self-sufficiency. Review the basics of reading line and bar charts. Course is recommended for all users. Estimated course time: approx. 2h

  • Course 2: CLIFF Snapshot

    CLIFF Snapshot is a tool for quickly assessing how a change in income - stemming from a change in hours, a different job, or another income source might impact someone’s government assistance. Estimated course time: approx. 2 hr

  • Course 3: CLIFF Dashboard

    CLIFF Dashboard training is for community leaders, policymakers, funders, other stakeholders, and career and education coaches. Estimated course time: approx. 2h 30m

  • Course 4: CLIFF Planner

    CLIFF Planner training is for career, education, and financial coaches that are interested in more individualized results than the Dashboard provides. Estimated course time: approx. 2h 30m

CLIFF Snapshot

  • Shows the short-term impact of an income change on government assistance receipt

  • Hours worked, hourly rate of pay, and other types of income can be adjusted in a comparison view

  • Screens for potential eligiblity

CLIFF Dashboard

  • Shows how benefits cliffs affect local in-demand occupations

  • Shows local in-demand occupations in relation to cost of living

  • Estimates net return to the taxpayer from career advancement

  • Complements labor market information given to workers for career exploration by showing: earnings and earnings growth; self-sufficiency/cost of living earnings amount; public assistance losses

CLIFF Planner

  • Compares up to two careers at the same time (including current job)

  • Shows benefits cliffs/plateaus tailored to a client’s unique circumstances (asset tests, expenses, family composition)

  • Creates a budget with a client’s expenses while in training and beyond

  • Adjusts budget with public assistance and other financial supports to mitigate cliffs